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Evidence-based practice suggests that services administered in least restrictive environments are key to success. All Children's Speech Therapy, Inc. offers a home-based speech and language intervention program where the medium for learning is play. Learning should always be fun first!

What we do

Speech -Language Pathologists (SLPs) complete a Master’s degree and are skilled at diagnosing and treating difficulties related to speech, language and communication. At All Children’s Speech Therapy we work as a part of your school-based team or with daycare teachers and professional team to collaborate on developing appropriate programming for your child. Our team is pleased to share strategies and tools to support your child’s learning across environments, caregivers and professionals involved. Our recommendations can be shared with other team members including occupational therapists, behaviour consultants, physiotherapists, paediatricians, audiologists, and ear nose and throat specialists. We start by getting to know you and your child, evaluating their skills and then identifying meaningful goals for treatment. We consider you the expert of your child and welcome your input in the process. We are here for you!

Areas of Practice

Sensory Processing
Social Skills
Play Skills
Study Skills
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